Accent Architecture
bathroom with dark wood cabinets

A wrapped wing


A Wing within a Wing
This 2650 sq ft mid-century ranch house has several features of the suburban postwar typology, primarily secluded bedroom wings on either side of the house. The virtually invisible and dark ‘boxed in’ south bedroom was transformed to a master bedroom suite by wrapping a spatial volume around it and creating a new wing that encompasses within it, the old wing. A new hallway lounge leading to the garden and the expanded entry are transitional spaces that emphasize the traditional ‘split plan’ ranch vocabulary.

Integrated green renovation
New structure is integrated seamlessly into the old, reusing pier foundations, floor, sub structure, and some interior walls. New exterior noise dampening walls using staggered 2x6 framing instead of conventional 2x4 filter traffic sound and accommodate additional insulation. The existing furnace and air conditioning system were checked for efficiency and capacity and ducted to the new addition. Notched rafter ‘tails’ nailed to the new rafters, board and batten finish and stucco on the new walls retain features of the original design and construction while the spa fixtures and earth tones bring it to a modern era.

The 23 degrees angle of the site was transferred to the new exterior walls to create a dramatic, angular, light filled 500 sq ft single storey addition with tall ceilings, a full spa bathroom, study and deck. Bursting with daylight, the high clear storey windows accentuate space and form, permitting light to penetrate the existing interior. A punctuated accent wall frames colorful bright vistas of the living spaces.