Accent Architecture

Cluster Courtyard housing


Cluster Module
This multifamily housing design for a 4 acre suburban infill site explores the potential of streets and courtyards as connectors and separators, integrating house form with open spaces. The versatile structure of the ‘cluster module’ as a prototypical neighborhood unit allows spatial transformation through assembly and axial placement, establishing a formal organizational pattern, inherently organic in nature.

Sequential layering of courtyards at varying scale eases public, private and vehicular, pedestrian transitions. Houses are of diverse types and sizes- detached, semi-detached and terraced, placed along courtyards for ample daylight and convective air currents.

Facades are articulated with architectonic elements such as porches, balconies and ledges, defining territory of each house. Sustainable materials and building systems integrate the environment to create a healthy and vibrant community.