Accent Architecture

Client Testimonials & Recommendations

Green design: Recycled house
"Sandhya came up with an innovative and efficient design solving functional problems associated with the existing layout while bringing in light and spaciousness. She was able to reuse the existing structure to blend seamlessly with the addition to create a new house. Sandhya guided the project very successfully through Design Review at the City of Mountain View, and even found a variance clause to help in our remodel. I highly recommend Sandhya for any architectural work. Our new home has turned out beautiful with her guidance and services!"
Indy Chohan, owner

Mixed Use Development
"Sandhya is a very talented, knowledgeable and experienced architect and designer. I’ve hired her twice for my development projects; first for a newly constructed 18, 700 sq ft, three storey commercial building in Davis, CA and then a mixed use urban master plan for a 13 acre challenging site in Woodland, CA. Her designs are innovative and focus on flexibility of use, sustainability and community interaction while working in collaboration with local jurisdictional agencies. She successfully guided us for a conditional use permit at the Planning Commission, Davis, where the design was applauded with a majority vote of 9-0 at the very first presentation. I highly recommend Sandhya for any architectural and urban design services, programming, feasibility studies, project management and research."
Ram Sah, President, Sah Group Inc.

Commercial Building: Offices
"I worked with Sandhya on a 3 story, 15,000 square foot new commercial building in Davis. I found Sandhya always highly professional to work with. The end product was a uniquely designed building that complimented existing development context and fit in with the design guidelines of the district while standing out it in terms of its design elements. I think the building has become a signature piece in the South Davis area. I would recommend Sandhya to firms who are looking for a competent, professional and innovative project designer."
Rhys Rowland, Planner, City of Davis

Remodel and addition: Ranch house
"Sandhya has excellent communication skills, is very knowledgeable, committed and reliable. She has worked very closely with us and the City of Los Altos, CA to develop a well thought out, aesthetically pleasing yet cost effective design. This included obtaining a variance in the setback requirements. Her application was water-tight, very well received and unanimously approved by the Board of Adjustments, Los Altos. Kitty Uhlir, Chair, Planning Commission, Los Altos, commented during the variance presentation: "The designer has done an excellent job on a very difficult site"."
Nipun Saxena, owner

Green remodel: Eichler home
"We hired Sandhya for design ideas before starting an extensive remodel of our Eichler home. She was very professional and listened well and was very quickly able to summarize and synthesize our desires. Where there were inconsistencies or issues she was able to point them out and helped us clarify our choices. Added to this she brought in some original ideas and options for us to consider which blended modern with our traditional Indian way of life. This helped tremendously in narrowing down our options and aligning our priorities quickly (often the bane of remodelling projects which tend to grow on you). Although Sandhya did not manage the overall remodelling process which I took on personally, her initial ideas and guidance where very valuable in helping us get a fantastic result which was on-time and on-budget."
Suresh Chandrasekaran, owner

Community design: The Hub, Berkeley
"Sandhya is very knowledgeable about collaborative design and helped us figure out how to get community input in our design process. She was expert, professional, and generous with her time. After just a basic introduction to our project and goals, she immediately identified the key issues and gave us many useful ideas for how to address them."
Meredith Walters: Community Builder at Hub Bay Area

Exhibition design: TiEcon
"Sandhya elevated the aesthetics of TiEcon over the last five years to unprecedented levels.Her design and management abilities set the bar high each year with sold out exhibitions and contributed immensely to the success of TiEcon. (TiEcon 2003-2008)"
Raj Jaswa, Past President, TiE

Commercial interior: Vayusphere
"Sandhya's designs for EarlySail's New Delhi offices provided a great balance between maximum space utilization and a productive IT work environment."
Pushpendra Mohta, Founder, CEO Vayusphere

Remodel and addition: Single family house
"Sandhya provided a design for our home addition that expanded on our basic plans and opened up a beautiful space for us. We enjoy the benefits of her work every day."
Sue and Larry Williams, owners

Remodel and addition: Single family house
"We hired Sandhya to design our remodel -- it was a complicated job given that we were adding a 3rd floor to an existing home. Sandhya was creative in her design, detail oriented and easy to work with. She minimized our need to meet with city planners and took complete responsibility for the different tasks."
Krish Suresh, owner